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Getting charged with a crime can be an extremely terrifying experience. Dealing with criminal charges doesn’t just affect one area of your life, the consequences are far-reaching and will wreak havoc on everyone and everything you love. Your career and relationships can be gone in the blink of an eye. No one wants that. What you need is the help of an experienced and devoted Houston criminal lawyer fighting tirelessly in your defense.

A Proactive Approach To All Cases

Some Houston criminal defense lawyers go with the “wait and see” approach. They stall proceedings and don’t take action until they receive the police reports, or until the first court date – this is NOT who we are.

We know that time is of the essence, and we cannot afford to waste any of it – so we don’t. In fact, the best window for defense may be the first few days following an arrest, or even before formal charges have been filed. By starting early, we are able to get a head start and locate the evidence and witnesses needed to make defeating the charges easier.

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Close Contact With Your Attorney

Facing criminal charges is hard enough, without adding the stress of hard to reach criminal attorneys. At LEB law, we put a premium on the accessibility of our Houston criminal defense lawyers and support staff. We offer emotional and moral support as well as legal representation because your peace of mind is our priority.

We appreciate close client interaction and communication because it is pivotal to our work. We want to hear from you and you will definitely be hearing from us. We’ll map out the story and come up with the best defense possible. You can’t afford to take a chance with referral services. They auction your case off to firms who may only see you as a paycheck.  Contact us now and let us fight for you.

Early Intervention Before Charges Get Filed

It is possible to stop criminal charges before they are filed. After investigating a crime, members of the police force in charge of the case approach the district attorney with the evidence discovered. The District Attorney then assesses the potential case and decides what criminal charges to file if there’s any. Our Houston criminal lawyers are able to meet with the District Attorney during this consideration period to present their evidence, and witness statements.

Hearing a different side of the story may change the D.A.’s calculations. When prosecutors see the whole picture, they may decide to either not file at all, or go for lesser charges.

Legal “Second Opinion”

Is your current defense lawyer giving you bad legal advice? Maybe your case has been pending for too long, or your attorney advised you to go with a certain strategy that you’re not comfortable with. Did they recommend that you plead guilty to a crime you didn’t commit?  You need a second opinion.

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We will assess your situation and offer our own judgment based on the pros and cons of the options you have available. Our advice will be

  • Independent
  • Unbiased
  • Looking only to your best interests
  • Based on a careful analysis of all the facts and law.

Cases We Handle

  • Houston Violent Crime Charges
  • Houston DUI Defense Lawyers
  • Houston Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers
  • Houston Domestic Violence Attorneys
  • Houston Financial Crime Charges
  • Houston Drug Crimes Attorneys

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